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Why Us?

You are planning to establish an office or production facility, because you know how important the strategic positioning plays a role in today’s economy. But you also realise how important it is to have an experienced and professional guidance to achieve your goal.

ICG Consulting is here to support you and your company

We know about the numerous problems companies face either in search for a suitable partner or for the establishment of a subsidiary especially in India, China or Germany.

Many innovative and potential projects fail to materialise due to

1.Lack of understanding of people, their language, their culture and mentality.
2.Ignorance of the legal situation and inexperience in the bureaucratic and organizational    procedures in the respective country.
3.Inexperience in rules and regulations involved in Export & Import of the goods.
4.Negotiating tactics to achieve the maximum out of the partnership.

We provide you with the complete assistance. With our multi-cultural work force we are able to offer the perfect guidance you need. Through our intense contacts to private and bureaucratic sector, we can serve you in the successful implementation of your projects in India, China or Europe (Germany).

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