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Web Design

Website, Web Apps, RIA's, SEO, CMS


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2D Animation, 3D Walkthrough, 3D Animation

Print Design

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Customized Software that suits your business needs

Welcome to our website

Welcome to the Software division of ICG Consulting GmbH. ICG Software provides offshore software development services from our subsidiary center in India. With our multi-cultural setup and business bases in Germany, India and China, we could offer services for companies across the globe in three different languages (English, German and Chinese). With this, we have gained the trust of our customers. Our German and Chinese division works very closely with our team in India. In this regard, significant cost saving is achieved. We pride ourselves in economy, quality, accessibility and customer satisfaction.

    Our team consists of highly skilled and technically qualified website and software; developers, designers and programmers. We specialize in Web development for all kinds of business requirements,

  • Web design
  • Web hosting and Domain registration
  • Software development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Animation and Live projects

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The Company

ICG Consulting GmbH is a German company with a multi-cultural environment focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle. At the moment, the firm is operating with a focus on business relations between Asia and Europe especially India, China and Germany. With a 30 min drive to the world metropolitan city Hamburg, our unique position in LÜbeck enables us to serve as a Business Bridge between the economically powerful countries.

The Team

With a core staff of experienced professionals with a varied background and with a unique approach to each and every project, ICG Consulting offers a more balanced quality service. The multi-cultural setup of the firm enables us to understand diverse clienteles and their needs than many of its competitors.

The Projects

Be it a start-up firm or an established firm with many years of experience, with our diverse background ICG Consulting is able to offer a list of services.
For further information please do click on the individual projects.

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Website Design


Website Development




Software Development


Domain & Webhosting

2D & 3D Animation


Live Projects


Brochure Design


Website Maintanence


Logo Design

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Web Design

Other Services

    A website may be applicable to an individual or business or organization. It is unbelievable to imagine in today’s world a business or marketing without a website. A quality website means business transaction half won. Let it be a single page, expressing a particular topic/purpose or a collection of web pages, we design your website to your utmost satisfaction. We offer two types of websites

Static Website

    A static website is one that has contents expected not to change frequently. It is manually maintained either by some person or persons using any editing software. Static websites are perfect start for advertising your company or product to the world.

  • Best suited for all
  • Business start-ups
  • Small & Medium-sized businesses
  • Personal websites

Advantages of static websites

  • Quick to develop
  • Comparitvely cheap to develop
  • Cheap to host

Disadvantages of static websites

  • Requires web development expertise to update the site
  • Site not useful for the businesses with frequently changing information
  • Content can get stagnant

Dynamic Website

     Dynamic websites can make the most of your site and either use it as a tool or create a professional, interesting experience for your visitors. A dynamic website is one that has frequently changing information or interacts with the user in various means (HTTP cookies or database variables e.g., previous history, session variables, server side variables etc.) or direct interaction (form elements, mouseovers etc.).

     At a basic level, a dynamic website can give the website owner the ability to simply update and add new content to the site. The advantages are numerous and hold no limits to apply your imagination to your site. Some of the salient features of dynamic websites are:

  • Online marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Content Management System
  • Dynamic publishing (users can create content or add information to a site)

Advantages of dynamic websites

  • Much more functional website
  • Much easier to update
  • New content brings people back to the site and helps in the search engines hits
  • Intranet or extranet facilities
  • News and events could be posted to the site through a simple browser interface

Disadvantages of dynamic websites

  • More expensive to develop
  • Fractionally slower that static
  • Hosting costs a little more

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Website Developement

Other Services

    Web development is a broad term given to any activity, related to developing a website, web content development, e-commerce business development, client-side/server-side scripting, and web server configuration.

We offer our service in setting up,

  • Internet applications
  • Electronic businesses
  • Social network services
  • Client side coding
  • Server side coding

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Content Management System

Other Services

  • cms ICGCMS Content Management System

     Content Management System (CMS) is the process of managing your documentation digitally. CMS helps the user to create, edit, review, index, search, publish and archive various kinds of digital media and electronic text. We highly recommend this to our dynamic website users where the content to be managed may include computer files, image media, audio files, video files, electronic documents, and web content. We have successfully implemented CMS in business fields where news articles, operator manuals, technical manuals, sales guides, and marketing brochures are available for the business clients. These manuals and brochures are in need of constant update to stay in the fast moving market.

    Our CMS offers complete freedom to our clients. Users with little or no knowledge of coding can apply the changes he/she wishes. The administrator and users have complete control over the management of the website and the programs involved. With our CMS your business becomes less dependent on programmers and external developers. This gives our clients the edge to completely concentrate in targeting potential customers.

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Software Developement

Other Services

ICG Software devotes a fair amount of time and energy in developing business specific softwares. Our softwares are adaptable to any environment and this versatility has established us in the market. We also develop or modify the softwares according to the business needs of the client. Our software’s are user friendly, simple and yet powerful. It can generate reports and graphs in accordance with your business requirements. Huge amount of information can be stored in the database and can be retrieved by just one click.

Some of our software developments are

  • E-Billing
  • Leads Management System
  • School Management System
  • On-line SMS

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Web Hosting

Other Services

    ICG Software is a one-stop shop. We design your website(s) according to your needs and also host them for a meagre price. This is possible only because we outsource our hosting to our partner firm in India. The hosting partners have world class facilities that include temperature and humidity controls, earthquake protection, and advance fire control systems. The facility is monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The centralized security system, guards and locked server cabinets prove to be an excellent combination. Dual output power supply, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and back-up diesel generator systems ensures that your website(s) is up and running without a minute problem.

Domain registration

    For superior user traffic and quality business, a right domain name is a must. It will help your customers to locate your website more easily which is why it’s so important to register it before your competition does. Whether registering a new domain or simply need to make sure that, existing registration doesn’t lapse, ICG Software can completely take care of it for you and for your business.

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2D & 3D Animation

Other Services

  • 3d1 Mechanical Animation Description of the video.
  • 3d2 Sample Animation Description of the video.
  • 3d3 Sample Animation Description of the advertisement.
  • 3d3 Badklenin Animation Description of the advertisement.
  • SILO 2D Animation Description of the video.
  • Image Slideshow Description of the project.

    Recently, ICG softwares ventured itself into animation field. In recent years animations have found its usage almost anywhere. Be it a website or a project involving any kind of drawings or 2D/3D models, or let it be your own imaginative model, animation brings it to reality. Animation serves as the best and the easiest way for a user to visualise the product/project. It helps you and your business to gain the confidence of a client.

     We specialize in creating high quality 2D and 3D artwork or models. We pride ourselves in creating excellent animations at dream prices and within the stipulated time.

For examples of our work click here

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation

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Live Projects

Other Services

    ICG Software is well aware of the fact that no company is complete without providing an opportunity for young and talented individuals. We offer excellent. Real Time Projects and Technology Training at our Indian offshore site. It is wonderful chance for candidates to complete a project or training under the guidance of our immensely experienced software professionals.

    We have an outstanding infrastructure and enough systems for the candidates to work on. Our team is more active in the creation and deployment of the project within the duration of the coursework.

We offer final year projects in mobile computing (.net)

  • DOT NET(C#, ADO.NET, ASP, VB.NET) with SQL Server 2005, AJAX
  • J2EE with AJAX
  • PHP, MYSQL with JOOMLA/li>
  • Client side coding
  • Software Testing

    Indian and foreign candidates willing to undergo professional training combined with a thrilling personal experience at our Indian site can contact us at training@icgc.de

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Brochure Design

Other Services

  • broucher0 Bad Klenin Flyer Design Description of the project.
  • broucher4 Bad Klenin Flyer Design Description of the project. broucher1 Consutling Flyer Front Page Description of the project. broucher2 Consutling Flyer Back Page Description of the project.

    One of the forefronts of marketing efforts is Brochures. Their purpose is not only to inform the customer about the products or services you offer, but also to emphasize the fact that you offer better solutions than your competitors. All this has to be condensed and compact. The creation of such a delicate and important tool for your business must be left in the hands of professional designers. Our experience and skill ensure that the brochure we create revolves around these concepts.

    The brochures can be published in your website such that clients can download them directly or can be used directly for final offset printing. Our brochure designs are of high calibre and yet very economical.

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Website Maintanance

Other Services

    ICG Software offers complete website maintenance support for busy business owners and individuals. The reality is, if you want your website to work, it must be up to date; the contents must be fresh and cared for. We provide your website with refreshing content, targeted keywords, monthly maintenance. We take care that your website gets the extra special attention it so desperately needs. ICG Software offers all these services for a nominal charge.

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Logo Design

Other Services

  • logo1 Visting Card Description of the project.
  • logo2 Visting Card Description of the project.

    A logo though small in size speaks a lot about your business. Come, tell us your idea or imagination, we make it real. We have successfully designed many logos for companies.

We also put forward some of our creative logos for sale. Logo Samples Thanks for your interest. It will be Published soon!

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Feel free to drop a line to work with us or just to say "hi"

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